Second-system effect

When building products and introducing new technology, I regularly see the second-system effect: A simple, well-functioning system reaches its limits and is then replaced by a much too big, bloated, overengineered system due to exaggerated expectations and exaggerated self-confidence – and everyone is unhappy. 🙂 You may have heard of it. In my practice, for […]

Market First vs. Product First and the problem with startup advice

Currently, there is a strong “Market First” trend in the “startup scene” (using this term as a generalization for the “passive-income digital nomads”, sideproject hustlers, bootstrappers, solopreneurs as well as for the good old venture backed founder). The “Product First” approach is often dismissed as “wrong”. I would like to argue against this today. Whilte […]

Agiles Projektmanagement mit Scrum für Agenturen ??

Scrum, so ganz grundsätzlich, ist eine Methodik für agiles Projektmanagement. Ich sage bewusst Projektmanagement und nicht Softwareentwicklungsprozess, da ich der Meinung bin, dass man nicht nur die Entwicklung von Software so managen kann. Deshalb, und da wir als Digitalagentur sehr integriert unsere Kunden betreuen, sind bei uns vor allem die Definitionen der Rollen etwas anders […]