Shape Up

I am a big believer in Shape Up, the up-and-coming method for agile software development. In my current gig as a tech lead for an IIot product, I implemented this by hacking the established scrum process. 

This is the light at the end of the tunnel in the designer and developer collaboration area. Something close to my heart since starting my first company in 2010.

There are substantial possible gains in developer/product/designer collaboration. This a topic close to my heart since starting my first company in 2010. With Shape Up on the horizon, it is the first time in ages that I see the light at the end of the tunnel to deliver on promises made by the agile manifesto in its original manifestation.

Quick start / Educate yourself.

For everybody entirely new to the topic of Shape Up, start by watching this video by Ryan Singer as the first step.

Next, you should read the online book available for free. 

Once you have a basic understanding, you can keep up to date with further resources in the Shape Up Forum or on youtube. I started a playlist to filter out the relevant content – I will add more things here as the method is evolving.

For the ultimate exchange in realtime, there is also a monthly worldwide online meetup. Every past episode is recorded and available at YouTube.

Sparring with me

In the cozy Shape Up community, it is a frequent practice to exchange how exactly one implements the method in his own organization. I am personally in exchange with practitioners from Argentina to New Zealand and love to connect with even more.

Therefore I am open to sparring and discussions with everybody who plans to implement the method in his own organization and eager to learn from everybody who has already implemented it. Just book a slot in my calendar 🙂

To serve this purpose, I keep my Friday afternoons free. If you are interested, book a slot. 

Hands-on / Consulting

For cases that need more attention than fits in a 1h sparring session, I also offer paid hands-on help to implement the method in organizations of all sizes and industries.

Just drop me a line: [email protected]