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I (Klaus Breyer) love to build the first version of a product: when my knowledge about software development and agile methods for product development meets motivated founders/teams who have specialized knowledge in their own field.

Fast decisions, direct feedback and the magic of small teams.

The MVP SPRINT is a co-creation format for startup teams to develop the first software version as MVP within one week.

Therefore I offer a new workshop format: the MVP SPRINT. Here I develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a given business idea / problem, on site, within one week, in close cooperation with the founding team (and, if necessary together with a designer).

The result after this week is a first usable version of the product that meets the most basic customer-, market- or functional needs.
The most critical business theses can be tested (market resonance, activation, etc.) and action-relevant feedback can be gained.


Does that sound interesting? Just drop me a line.

The following dates are available for 2020:

  • January: week 3
  • February: week 7
  • March: week 11
  • April: week 17
  • May: week 20
  • June: week 25
  • July: week 29
  • August: week 34
  • September: week 38
  • October: week 42
  • November: KW47
  • December: KW49