I did something called the PROTOTYPING.DIRECTORY. It offer tools, templates and inspiration for every situation during a startup / product lifecycle. To achieve this, it uses a question technique to classify the specific situation. The whole thing emerged out of the PROTOTYPING PRIMER softlaunch. The problem with the primer was, that people were overwhelmed with […]

Prototyping Primer

When I am developing a SaaS or leading a product initiative, I am often faced with the choice of a suitable process and methods. Over the last years I had some deep dives on various lean methods and books about product development – for myself and for startups I’m advising. So last year I wanted […]

Zettel v1.0 – Shopping list prototyping – Google Spreadsheet

It’s Saturday. Saturday we do our weekly shopping. Every week one thing bothers me: The supermarket is sorted differently than the shopping list. A constant back and forth – here I saw potential for optimisation. We always have a backlog of recipes + ingredients that we make regularly. I have now transferred this into Google […]

Ist die Straße des 17. Juni gesperrt? .de

Besides the extremely useful information, that this website offers, the project is in principle a constantly extended Symfony Boilerplate with Assetic, SASS and Bootstrap for use on a normal webspace. Welcome to participate! The project has been taken up in the media several times: In January, June 17 is open only six days This website […]