Zettel v1.0 – Shopping list prototyping – Google Spreadsheet

It’s Saturday. Saturday we do our weekly shopping. Every week one thing bothers me: The supermarket is sorted differently than the shopping list. A constant back and forth – here I saw potential for optimisation. We always have a backlog of recipes + ingredients that we make regularly. I have now transferred this into Google […]

Ist die Straße des 17. Juni gesperrt? .de

Besides the extremely useful information, that this website offers, the project is in principle a constantly extended Symfony Boilerplate with Assetic, SASS and Bootstrap for use on a normal webspace. Welcome to participate! The project has been taken up in the media several times: In January, June 17 is open only six days This website […]

ALLLLL my Likes!!! – Facebook App [discontinued]

Status: This project is unfortunately dead, because Facebook made it impossible to get this data due to technical changes. You know that. Here you liked something, there you liked something, and the newsfeed is confusing. And in order to get out of there properly, there is one of my older projects. It’s called ALLLLL my […]