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  • Shape Up Track for Scrum – how to hack a process

    Not everybody on our team was happy with the overhead of Scrum. But it isn’t easy to change a development process for an (otherwise) stable team. We tried nonetheless and approached it as an experiment: Test and prove that something new is working for us while not wholly abandoning what is currently working. As a […]

  • A new apifirst project in the making

    Today I started the process of starting a new indiedev / solodev / maker project (however you would like to call it). In the past, I tended to start blindly with the best idea that came to my mind. But for this more serious undertaking, I am now preparing 3 pitches (just for myself) to […]

  • unixtime.app – v4.0.6 Release

    Today I released v4.0.6 of the unixtime.app and prepared a little bit for a round of activation I want to do next week in my closest community circles. Changelog: Optimized PWA caching strategy Improved Settings styling Under the hood: parcel as a building tool for the web versions Utilizing posthtml to avoid duplication for the […]

  • unixtime.app – v4.0.3 Release + Background Story

    Today I released v4.0.3 of unixtime.app. It is a little unusual version jump from 0.3 to 4.0.3. But this was caused because of the Microsoft Partner Portal requiring a version of 1.0.0 or larger. (Yes, I am preparing the windows version right now!) So I decided to not increment from 0.3 -> 0.4 but instead […]

  • unixtime.app – v0.3 initial release: fulltext timestamp conversion

    An unix epoch timestamp conversion tool to convert and highlight complete texts, whole API responses, and lists with timestampsEverything that looks like a timestamp since a certain year will just be replaced – simple and easy. Configuration Options are available: Chose between milliseconds and seconds and define the year since when timestamps should be converted. […]

  • PrusaPax

    Der 3D Drucker (Prusa) in meinem Kleiderschrank (Pax) hat jetzt einen Livestream auf Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/prusapax Wie es dazu kam – Background Story Die Faszination für einen 3D Drucker zuhause war groß. Vor allem am Anfang, für die Kinder. Doch gerade für längere Projekte war die Geräuschkulisse in unserer offenen Wohnung dann doch etwas störend. Deshalb […]

  • Bug Triage

    In jedem Projekt kommt immer wieder die Frage nach der Priorisierung des Backlogs auf. Am Ende ist es in meiner Erfahrung allerdings nicht ein einziges Kriterium, und auch keine zweidimensionale Matrix, die man nutzen kann um einen Bug als Trivial / Minor / Major / Critical einzuordnen. Sondern es sind vielmehr unterschiedliche Aspekte, von denen […]

  • Pocket-Highlights

    I did manage to do a little christmas project this year, scratching my own itch. (Remember: the best projects come from an actual need.. 😉 ). So – what is my need? While reading my links stored in Pocket, I asked myself what would be an easy way (without 3rd party tools) to link them […]

  • Second-system effect

    Beim Bau von Produkten und Einführung neuer Technologie sehe ich regelmäßig den Second-system effect: Ein einfaches, gut funktionierendes System kommt an seine Grenzen und wird daraufhin aufgrund überzogener Erwartungen und übertriebenen Selbstvertrauens durch ein viel zu großes, aufgeblähtes Systeme ersetzt – und alle sind unglücklich. 🙂 Kennt ihr vielleicht. In meiner Praxis sah das zum […]

  • Market First vs. Product First and the problem with startup advice

    Currently, there is a strong “Market First” trend in the “startup scene” (using this term as a generalization for the “passive-income digital nomads”, sideproject hustlers, bootstrappers, solopreneurs as well as for the good old venture backed founder). The “Product First” approach is often dismissed as “wrong”. I would like to argue against this today. Whilte […]