Market First vs. Product First and the problem with startup advice

Currently, there is a strong “Market First” trend in the “startup scene” (using this term as a generalization for the “passive-income digital nomads”, sideproject hustlers, bootstrappers, solopreneurs as well as for the good old venture backed founder). The “Product First” approach is often dismissed as “wrong”. I would like to argue against this today. Whilte […]

Project for sale:

I am currently selling a indie hacking project with the name The planned mission was to help sport teams and their coaches to organize the RSVP of their weekly trainings. (Hint: still an unsolved problem!) Progress Research First of all, a Typeform survey was conducted in German sports clubs. It achieved 76 participants, who […]

Stripe is awesome, but not for worldwide SaaS licensing. (And also not for donation receipts.)

For the nonprofit organization I am currently founding, we want to collect money on a regular basis. Monthly recurring donations – it’s a thing! I try to establish this term.. Therefore I implemented Stripe, (the hottest pre IPO Startup currently?) and was totally flashed by the user experience and the developer experience. Awesome documentation, super […]

Big tech companies are supporting nonprofits.

This is something I learned this week. And this fact is especially helpful in times when more and more people are engaging against the climate catastrophe. So this is a good lever for action biased people in the startup ecosystem. I write this, because I am involved in the launch of a nonprofit initiative (more […]


I did something called the PROTOTYPING.DIRECTORY. It offer tools, templates and inspiration for every situation during a startup / product lifecycle. To achieve this, it uses a question technique to classify the specific situation. The whole thing emerged out of the PROTOTYPING PRIMER softlaunch. The problem with the primer was, that people were overwhelmed with […]

Prototyping Primer

When I am developing a SaaS or leading a product initiative, I am often faced with the choice of a suitable process and methods. Over the last years I had some deep dives on various lean methods and books about product development – for myself and for startups I’m advising. So last year I wanted […]

Zettel v1.0 – Shopping list prototyping – Google Spreadsheet

It’s Saturday. Saturday we do our weekly shopping. Every week one thing bothers me: The supermarket is sorted differently than the shopping list. A constant back and forth – here I saw potential for optimisation. We always have a backlog of recipes + ingredients that we make regularly. I have now transferred this into Google […]

Was macht eigentlich ein Startup CTO? 🇩🇪

Vorneweg: Ein CTO ist weder der beste Programmierer noch der beste Manager. Warum nicht der beste Programmierer? Weil es nicht seine einzige Aufgabe ist und ihm dafür meistens die Zeit fehlt. Anstelle selbst Technologie zu implementieren, ist es wichtiger Technologie kommunizieren zu können. Dies bedeutet: Auf Augenhöhe sowohl mit dem eigenen (implementierenden) Team zu sein, […]