Klaus Breyer

Independent CTO – Technical Leadership, Code & Engineering Orgs.

Today I started the process of starting a new indiedev / solodev / maker project (however you would like to call it). In the past, I tended to start blindly with the best idea that came to my mind. But for this more serious undertaking, I am now preparing 3 pitches (just for myself) to weigh the pros and cons of different ideas before committing to one. Right now, I have 2/3 Pitches.

One boundary I gave myself is that it needs to be #apifirst. Why? Mainly because I do not want to build an interface, haha. But even more importantly, APIs tend to bring in recurring revenue because they are not so easily swapped out once implemented. And also, I think it is easier for me to validate a customer’s need based on an API definition instead of a vague value proposition.

Are you interested in reading those proposals? I am interested in talking to potential customers regarding their API needs.. 🙂

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