Remote times needs remote tools: is a tool for frontend developers to stream the console.log output from any remote browser in realtime into your own developer console.


There is a bug or unresolved situation on a device that you do not own or have access to.
remote. For example the Samsung Galaxy S8 of the friend of a friend, the apple watch or headless browsers.
Getting the debugging output of foreign devices is always difficult. But also getting the debugging output of your own devices is annoying, too.

  • Where was the setting in the chrome developer tools to get the output of the android chrome browser?
  • Where do you activate the developer tools in safari again?
  • And which colleague stole my lightning cable, again?!


One line of code and the console log output is streamed in realtime from any foreign/external device directly into your own console – in real time.

  • without plugin
  • without installation
  • without cable!

Also useful for developing countries, where there are really weird phones that sometimes can’t be simulated in browserstack.

Veröffentlicht von Klaus Breyer

a CTO and Startup Founder/Advisor, living in Berlin.

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