Project for sale:

I am currently selling a indie hacking project with the name

The planned mission was to help sport teams and their coaches to organize the RSVP of their weekly trainings. (Hint: still an unsolved problem!)



First of all, a Typeform survey was conducted in German sports clubs. It achieved 76 participants, who took 05:57m each to answer. Among other things: what problems they are facing in training organisation, which digital tools they are currently using and where they can imagine that a new service will help them.

Iteration 1

Based on that a basic flow of the app was implemented as a web-demo and tested with two sports club coaches. This iteration proofed, that Web + E-Mail is not suitable because young people do not check their mails.

Iteration 2

Then I wrote a mobile demo app to test it with the same early adopters.

Status quo

Before that could happen, I lost interest. I realized that after a successful demo, such a project must also be activated and distributed. And I’m not the sporty type who can get excited about the topic. I just saw it as a good business model but now I’m following topics that I myself stand for more.

What is for sale?

  • Domain:
  • Design assets (light + dark variants, see screenshots below)
  • HTML of the current homepage with survey activation
  • Demo App Code. The code base of the app is React Native, and it can be released for Android and iOS. The copy currently is in german It contains all relevant screens, but no data persistence or cloud connection. The purpose was just to demo it to early adopters, to further advance in problem exploration.
  • Research survey results from Typeform (anonymized)
  • Early adopters. If the buyer is interested, I ask the potential early adopters, two club coaches from my circle of friends with whom I developed the first iterations, if the new owner may contact them for further development. Because the problem is still not solved.

There is no warranty, support or guarantee for success. I will be happy to support the app development further at my consulting daily rate, if desired.

The project selling process will be auctioned. If you are interested, send me a price (via mail to and a short description of who you are and what you want to do with it until the end of March. I assess the offers in April and get back to you then.


Design Assets in light + dark

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