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When I am developing a SaaS or leading a product initiative, I am often faced with the choice of a suitable process and methods. Over the last years I had some deep dives on various lean methods and books about product development – for myself and for startups I’m advising. So last year I wanted to know everything and design the ultimate process.

However, after several iterations, enlightenment came: there is not a single ultimate process. Much more I would describe the totality of all lean methods out there as a toolbox. And the toolbox can roughly be divided into 4 phases: Ideation, Product / Solution, Product Market Fit and Scale.

The PROTOTYPING PRIMER is a summary of books/tools/frameworks for each of these 4 phases.


Why does this make sense? Because, if you don’t know whether you’re solving a good problem, you don’t need to build a product. And if you don’t have a product with market fit, you don’t have to worry about scaling. Every idea goes through these phases more or less consciously / controlled. Often these complement each other quite well providing a different point of view, if you can’t get any further at one point.

Currently I am in the stage of soft launch and I have some vague ideas for the future of this project. For example I am thinking about splitting this primer into a book-list for continuous inspiration (a great wording!) on the one hand and a recommendation engine, proposing concrete applicable tools to somebody stuck in the middle of a project or creative process.

Please write in the comments: Would you use something and what problems could it help to solve for you?

Published by Klaus Breyer

a CTO and Startup Founder/Advisor, living in Berlin and probably offering consulting regarding this topic.

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