Praxishandbuch Facebook Entwicklung

As an agency we not only developed our own products, but in particular more than 500 apps in all possible sizes for our customers.

Since 2009 I’ve been programming for the Facebook API and went a long way with the platform: From FBML to Unity SDK and Open Graph Actions to test users and test apps – just to name a few.

After all the experiences I gained during this time, it was not only privilege and honor for me – but also time – to summarize them in my own book and to pass them on. For this project I was able to find Stephan and Kornelius, two of the few German comrades-in-arms with a similarly extensive wealth of experience.

Before Facebook books have never been able to be really up-to-date for long, as the platform developed incredibly fast. Now, however, the time for a book is better than ever, because: Facebook hosts the annual developer conference F8 and with API versioning there is now a system with a stable reference point to which we authors can refer. The documented changes to the API and the existing migration paths make it much easier for the reader to understand them.

A sample chapter of the book is available at

Praxishandbuch Facebook-Programmierung shows that you don’t have to take extraordinary hurdles to become part of the technical Facebook world. The requirements for Facebook application programmers do not differ much from the current, modern web technologies. The book explains the use of Facebook’s JavaScript and PHP development tools using practical examples.

Authors: Stephan Alber, Klaus Breyer, Kornelius Nägele

I would be happy if you buy the book about exactly this Affiliate-Link at Amazon. So you can support the work that flowed into it to the maximum. Thanks a lot!

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