Post-Half-Life – WordPress Plugin [discontinued]

Status: The plugin is now set due to lack of time. 

I am currently writing a WordPress plugin to optimize post times. Among other things, the plugin will show for each post how much reach was achieved in the first [30min, 2h, 8h, 24h, 7w, …] and which social networks the users came via.

This allows each blog to find the best framework factors for new blog posts by identifying best practices from past posts. Such factors can be:

  • Weekday of the post
  • Time of the post
  • Length Text / Heading
  • Influencer-Seeding
  • Ads
  • Address from users

So far I’ve maintained something like this in the form of my Agile Reach Sheet by hand. But I think that something like this makes much more sense automatically – that’s why I’m currently working on the plugin.


The first version is launched. But you can still help! What information could help you optimize your blog posts?


Ultimative could even become a relatively simple plugin for automated multivariant testing. The author then adds different headings and images for each post and the plugin automatically decides what works best. Quasi for every blog.

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a CTO and Startup Founder/Advisor, living in Berlin and probably offering consulting regarding this topic.

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