ALLLLL my Likes!!! – Facebook App [discontinued]

Status: This project is unfortunately dead, because Facebook made it impossible to get this data due to technical changes.

You know that. Here you liked something, there you liked something, and the newsfeed is confusing.

And in order to get out of there properly, there is one of my older projects. It’s called ALLLLL my Likes!!! and just shows all fanpages you’ve liked. And next to it there is a Like button, with which you can get rid of the Like again.

Try it up sometime. And don’t be afraid, no data will be stored on the server. This is only HTML and Javascript.

Press Coverage

If you see links or features somewhere else, I am happy about a comment. I didn’t even get the t3n feature back then 🙂 With enough feedback I might even give you a bootstrap layout!

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