a prototyped startup for startup prototyping.


In the last 10 years I have been co-founder, CTO, managing director, shareholder, technical advisor, board member, angel for tech startups and mentor, coach and lecturer for the people behind them in the tech scene.

While I am still hands on working in this field through various engagements, I recognized on the meta level problems and negative patterns which are constantly repeated. And this at times where knowledge and ressources about agile methods are abundant and everyone talks about them - but very few act.



Good software is always used but never finished.

The goal is to always build the next v01. In software and in life. Zen philosophy puts it like: Nothing exists in its present form or color except in this moment. A beginners mind is free of any possessions, as it knows that all is in a state of fluid change.

Call To Action

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But also you will learn a lot of new things. Not just by following the progress of the prototyped startup, but also by receiving valuable bleeding edge content around the topic of lean prototyping.

Product Initiatives

meta.v01.io - Prototyping means: knowing all the options.

I've been working super deep on lean methods and books about product development. I wanted to know everything and design the ultimate process. After all, v01.io has to be created the way it stands for: Through prototyping. In order to shed light on this, meta.v01.io is now the an info product that deals with all the lean methods, categorizes them and helps to navigate.

thesis.v01.io - verifying strategy by falsifying hypotheses

Every business model starts with a lot of thoughts and an underlying thesis. And thanks to the recursive principle of v01, this first product initiative also takes place in an area where entrepreneurs (hopefully) formulate theses at the beginning of their business model.

The Owner

If you want to share your general feedback on this project, please write directly to kb@v01.io. You are also welcome to follow at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn because there will be also quiet some good content on those topics.

Klaus Breyer
Erich-Nehlhans-Str. 27
D-10247 Berlin