Creator & CTO: Building Software & Engineering Orgs.

Hi, I am Klaus Breyer.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had many job titles: Managing Technical Director, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Prototyping Officer, Technology Principal, Tech Lead, Technical Evangelist, Technical Advisor, Startup Founder, Startup Angel, Indie Hacker.

I play to my strengths when it is unclear at the beginning what the result will look like: agile prototyping of technologies and business models.

Specifically, I lead technical teams as a consultant or interim CTO, develop and market indie projects, publish open source, and invest in startups through a small fund.

I am committed to combating climate change and promoting social change. I associate myself strongly with the values of Slow Business.

Good software is always used but never finished.

(v0.1 Manifest)

I approach challenges primarily by starting with a first draft (aka “v0.1”), testing what works, try it in the real world, building again, and continuously improving.