Startup Prototyping & MVP building

Hi, I am Klaus Breyer

I build MVPs and start Startups. Here on I am offering services and consulting for MVPs, prototyping and startup strategy.

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CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT - From the idea to the problem/solution fit:

MVP - Development of an MVP for Product/Market Fit:

LAUNCH - Market entry and development of version 1.0.:

SCALE - Continuous Prototyping from Version 1 to Version N:

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTING - leadership of an existing team, or as independent innovation initiative:

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meta - Overview of various Prototyping methods.

I have been very intensively involved with all the lean methods and books about product development. I wanted to know everything and design the ultimate prototype process. Unfortunately this was not possible. However, it was possible to arrange and categorize all methods and tools in this area on a meta-view.

thesis - Software as a Service to formulate hypotheses and define experiments.

I am currently working on a software service to formulate refutable business hypotheses and to validate them automatically by means of experiments. Currently the product is still under development, updates are regularly available in the newsletter.

BLOG - Articles on Prototyping and Start-up Strategy

On I blog about my topics, especially prototyping and startup strategy.

About me / a Jack of all trades in technology.




Open Source

The underling Philosophy & Manifesto

Good software is always used but never finished.

The goal is to always build the next v01. In software and in life. Zen philosophy puts it like: Nothing exists in its present form or color except in this moment. A beginners mind is free of any possessions, as it knows that all is in a state of fluid change.


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