Klaus Breyer

Independent CTO – Technical Leadership, Code & Engineering Orgs.

Hi, I am Klaus Breyer..

.. and I have been responsible for technology and teams since I founded my first startup in 2010, right after graduating in Software Engineering. Since then, I have been actively or consultatively involved in several other companies. I have built, managed, and launched many individual technical projects in (the somewhat constantly changing) definition of a modern web stack: From fast-moving independent startup projects to Progressive Web Apps on top of a brownfield microservice environment. 

I play to my strengths when it is unclear at the beginning what the result will look like: Providing a prototyping foundation optimized for iterative improvement while working closely with the management on the product and business model.

I emphasize providing a stable technical and organizational infrastructure so that every team member can work focused on problems worth tackling, providing user value.

If you have interesting problems, consider hiring me.

I am hands-on and working as a CTO is my focus. On the side, I also develop and market some small indie projects of my own, publish open source, and invest time or money in startups through a small fund.

Besides my own book, I also wrote many guest articles for other blogs, and maybe it is also worth mentioning, that I am used to standing on a conference stage in front of a developer or marketing crowd.

Good software is always used but never finished.

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